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Integrated marketing is creating a consistent message that gets spread across multiple channels from traditional marketing and digital marketing methods. Through utilizing integrated marketing, you are ensuring you are reaching your target audience wherever they could be whether that is reading a newspaper and seeing your paid search ad or your latest social media post.
Our job as a marketing agency is to make sure all the elements of the integrated marketing campaign are consistent regardless of the medium of which your target audience is viewing it as. Our expertise in both the digital and traditional marketing worlds, allow us to make the most out of your marketing budget.
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An example of an Integrated Marketing Campaign

Our Five Step Approach to Integrated Marketing

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Define Target Audience

The first step of our integrated marketing process is the foundation of your campaign. We start with clearly defining your target audience. We believe that can campaign can't be successful without knowing who exactly we are talking to. Blue Cardinal Group will take the time to truly understand who we are talking to. We will find out which channel/outlets are going to be the most effective in the campaign. Without knowing exactly who we are talking to, the whole campaign can and will fall apart.

Define Measurable Campaign Goals

Once we have established your exact target audience for your campaign, we will define measurable campaign goals for each channel and outlet. Without defining these goals, there is really no way to track the progress of the campaign. Once these goals have been clearly established, we will be able to track the ROI of the entire campaign. There is no better time than now to know what works and what doesn't in your marketing campaign.

Create Content

The next step in our integrated marketing process is the most important. We will create content that is clear, consistent, and compelling. Due to the complexity of combining both digital and traditional marketing, it is vital to make sure the branding and messaging is the same throughout. Since it takes 5-7 impressions for a customer to recognize a brand's logo, we want to ensure the person is seeing the same message across each of the channels they might encounter your campaign.

Channeling Your Message

Since all of your customers are unique individuals, we will make sure the content we have created for your target audience appears the same across each of the different channels. We will specifically cater your message to a specific channel. Content created for Facebook will work best for that channel while a printed campaign will look visually different yet it will have the same clear and concise message.

Make Decisions

Once your campaign has taken off, we will make decisions based off of analytics. With the recent advancement analytics, we can scrutinize campaigns, thus making decisions has never been easier. We will look at all of the channels your message is across and decide where to put more effort and how we can improve those channels that aren't performing as well as others. We will continually adjust your campaign to ensure you are getting the most out of your budget

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